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The fantastic Jo Castleton has just finished performing in DANGEROUS CORNER at the Nottingham Playhouse! #DangerousCorner https://t.co/SbcUNRd0si

Looking forward to Open Air Theatre Press Night tonight with our fab Tim Samuels #ATaleofTwoCities #Theatre #RegentsPark, #London

The wonderful Clare Perkins is currently filming in Death in Paradise for BBC One. Be sure to catch it soon! https://t.co/xWZTJq9WVE

Did you catch Will Irvine in "Mayday" for BBC Radio 4? If not there's still a chance - bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08… https://t.co/jUqpjjAQ6h

Retweeted Alison Fitzjohn (Alison Fitzjohn):

Me and Mark Owen at Camp Bestival a few years ago now! What I... fb.me/1nDauMGvr

Very excited to be attending the press night of #HolyCrap King's Head Theatre tonight with our fabulous Letitia Hector x

Well done to the young grads of Mountview for tonight's show #NapoliMilionari Bridewell Theatre and our fab Hareet Deol!

Watching the graduate production of #NapoliMilionari with Mountview LDN and our lovely Hareet Deol.

Our Beautiful MADALINA BELLARIU Can currently be seen in the Cinemas in DOBAARA #movies #cinema https://t.co/FZoz2xZ5fG

Daniel York will be doing a reading of 1984 tomorrow for the ORWELL FOUNDATION. Be sure to catch it! orwellfoundation.com/unknown-conten…


Such an honour my role in #Dobaara to be compared with the brilliant... fb.me/1a8ue2Tng

Clare Perkins is currently in rehearsals for "Primetime" Royal Court theatre upstairs! https://t.co/pxgUeqSO2s

Check out this fab review for our wonderful Francesca Tomlinson yorkpress.co.uk/leisure/theatr…

En route to Richmond Theatre to see our fab Emma Fraser in #footloose #musical

Well done cast & creatives #Richard="/actors/Clews,Richard">Richard Clews for a brilliant press night for #Babette'sFeast Print Room and thanks to my guest Nadine Rennie!

Very excited to attend press night tonight of #Babette's Feast Print Room with our fab Richard Clews!

Blair Anderson is currently touring internationally with Mary Poppins #MaryPoppins https://t.co/ZyiChN9tyP

Wishing all W Y Playhouse a fabulous #pressnight for #TheGraduate especially our wonderful Tom Hodgkins :) xxx

A brilliant night seeing 'Late Company' Finborough Theatre with our fab Lisa Stevenson Lisa Stevenson. Thanks to Sharon Sorrentino for being my date!

And we're off to see our lovely Jane MacFarlane in Divine Chaos of Starry Things by Paul Mason #pressnight #theatre #london

Retweeted Daniel Donskoy (Daniel Donskoy):

Tune in to London Live at 12:40 to hear all about A SONG GOES ROUND... fb.me/16OFxB442

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Jane MacFarlane with StevensonWithers plays Nathalie in #DivineChaos... fb.me/3JDqWnjbU

Retweeted Chris Whittaker (Chris Whittaker):

Had a great time working with Daniel Donskoy & Inga Davis-Rutter creating... fb.me/8WLjH0dg4

Our fab Simon Fielding has just filmed an episode of Coronation Street #Actor #TV. Very excited to see him on our TV screens!

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