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Clare Perkins is currenly filming in BBC Doctors. Be sure to catch it soon! https://t.co/vcsDxgy9us

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Claire Bond ! Wishing you lots of love from the SW team! xxx

Honor Blackman supports UN Women 25 Nov Int'l Day to End Violence against Women! #16days #orangetheworld #UN #women https://t.co/Lt625kMbvQ

Catch our lovely Tessa Churchard on The Coroner BBC One https://t.co/bvJzwa7Yi5

Retweeted Daniel Donskoy (Daniel Donskoy):

Hope you're all tuning in to episode 4 of #Detectorists on BBC Four... fb.me/6QW8Rziqi

Letitia Hector Won Best Actress UE Awards ueawards.com Such a talented and lovely lady! #VenusvsMars https://t.co/MxojrGBye0

What a wonderful screening of #TheThief last night Courthouse Hotel well done to all Synergy Theatre Terence Maynard twitter.com/Synergy_Theatr…

Alisdair Simpson currently playing Carter in 'War Horse' at the New London Theatre https://t.co/q4q2EcpwcA

Catch our lovely Tessa Churchard on The Coroner BBC One Mondays! https://t.co/qKeMsau8Bk

Catch Minhee Yeo on #Cuffs on BBC One Wednesdays @ 8pm https://t.co/F6LiVLWvrT

Simon Fielding is soon to be performing in JACK & THE BEANSTALK at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon. https://t.co/RK6SFr1Vd7

Catch Terence Maynard in CORONATION STREET as the regular role of Tony Stewart. Coronation Street https://t.co/FXlod2WPSg

Don't forget to tune into BBC Doctors to see the wonderful Dido Miles playing her regular role of Dr Emma Reid https://t.co/6BVgGjA488

Gil Darnell is currently filming his reoccurring role in BONES https://t.co/Gfsg870fWQ

Patrick Bailey is currently performing in THE NIGHT ALIVE at the The Jungle Theater in Minneapolis, United States. https://t.co/0nkQUuqmLP

Retweeted Rebecca Front (Rebecca Front):

David Tyler ooh I hope so. I KNOW Beth Mullen nailed it. Just hope... fb.me/7OYN8giOj

Prue Clarke is currently Performing in Gigi Tabard Theatre https://t.co/WU8IYVM7ry

Richard Clews can be seen in REBECCA for Knee High Productions as Frith https://t.co/T4FmxD1n77

Tom Kanji can be seen performing in PERICLES & THE WINTERS TALE Shakespeare's Globe https://t.co/zfxcvDoGzK

Daniel Donskoy new pics by Jakub Koziel only gorgeous and you can catch him on BBC Four tonight #TheDetectorists https://t.co/O1DMi07CcM

Bronte Terrell Check out her fab new Headshots by Michael Shelford https://t.co/pJnxmlJFdd

Dale Superville is soon to be performing in ALADDIN at the Colchester Mercury. https://t.co/4940ekmxp7

Alisdair Simpson is currently playing Chapman Carter in War Horse at the New London Theatre https://t.co/NNSsFEl2lv

Cleopatra Rey will be joining the cast of Motown https://t.co/f9cOjzI7dn

Mark Penfold is currently performing in the YOUNG CHEKHOV SEASON at the Chichester Festival Theatre https://t.co/RYZw6sFAbN

David Michaels Can be seen in Ticking at the Trafalgar Studios https://t.co/CSKY7YY9UT

John Leader is currently appearing in Theatre Rites 'Beasty Baby' at the Polka Theatre https://t.co/H7EUvVhPym

Will Irvine is playing Capricorn in 'Inkheart' at HOME Manchester until January 2016. https://t.co/iEVSEPlUT5

Tom Hodgkins Catch him in GYPSY Savoy Theatre before it ends https://t.co/zh2YunNea8

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